Water Supply

Trimodal Terminal operates a water manifold to provide water to high volume users such as natural gas well drillers, pipeline drillers, and other industrial users. We can fill 10 standard water trucks simultaneously in about 10 minutes. The facility is available 24-7 and is weather-proofed to prevent freezing in cold weather. The manifold is fed from two 22,000 gallon tanks that are equipped with a water pressure transducer and filled by a river pump with a maximum flow rate of 4,500 gallons per minute. We maintain a water well as a back up water source that is connected to the manifold that can be turned on in a matter of minutes in the event of a problem with our primary water pump.

WVDEP Water Facility #8056 – no withdrawal limit
WV Department of Health Water Well Permit #DW-05-13-002